Sunday, March 18, 2007

SketchCrawl LA

Here is my first ever SketchCrawl Sketch... I think I took too long to sketch this. I need to rid myself of my precision demon of being an architect. Can't help it when all I do is layout toilets endlessly...hahaha.
Here is an ULTRA-CUTE milk van that my wife sketched while walking around the Travel town Museum. I think there were just too many cute things to sketch. And this is an amazing water color sketch by Mr. John Scharmen. Do check out his work on He did an underbelly of the train sketch. Love it! THANK YOU JOHN!


Unknown said...

YAY!! You post up the travel town drawing!! Love the style of this drawing, it look like a contemporary painting!

hann said...

Hey Jawn!

Great to check back and see updates every so often.

I like your sketches, it's always heartening to know that an architect DOES go beyond the computer screen onto the notepad!

My two cents' worth.. the sketches seem to call for a bit more raw emotion in them, I think. Art these days isn't about representation, it's about channeling energy and that's represented in the strokes and the hatches...

On another note, it's great to see you dabbling in so many means of media... Keep the fire burning!! ;)